I go away each year humbled by the beauty I have experienced

Amazing, beautiful, gentle, ‘grunty’!

Sitting on the balcony, I looked out at the nearby trees and was gradually drawn in and caught up in the incredible beauty, artistically spread out before me – different shades and depths of green, different shapes, different heights, all perfectly complementing each other in the light and shadows of each other created by the afternoon sun, while from the hidden depths came a chorus of birdsong, hundreds of little birds singing their hearts out, as if in praise to their Maker.

The Lord seemed to say, “This camp is for Me.  Like that garden of trees, each person is beautiful and precious and wonderfully made by Me.  Each one will grow and become who I meant them to be, for each one has an eternal purpose in My scheme of things.  And in the depths of each one I have placed the capacity to yield My Spirit, to sing, to praise, to call and touch My heart.  I listen and I watch over each one with tender love”.

And for me, this simply sums up camp.  I go away each year humbled by the beauty I have experienced: Determination, perseverance, hard fought victory, in the face of ongoing adversity, joy in the face of pain, incredible self-giving, seen and unseen – and always an awareness of the wonderful presence of the Lord Jesus Himself.

And as I go away, I always think, “This place, and these people are incredible.  I must come back again.”

The experience from camp is just unexplainable

It was honestly the most amazing experience of my life, and I cannot wait to go again next year! The experience from camp is just unexplainable; I can’t explain in words how much it meant to me as a person, and a new Christian starting his Christian walk in faith. I was nervous at first, I had the chills. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was scared that I may say something that might upset somebody, but when I got there, all my nerves went away; I felt no nerves at all.

God used the camp to start a brand new work in me

I’m really glad that I stayed at the camp as God used my coming to camp to shift my focus off myself and on to others and yeah, a massive work was started in my heart. Since I have been back home, I have made some radical changes and am getting into the Word of God! I want ALL God has for me and more! All in all, God used the camp to start a brand new work in me. God is GOOD!!

A very amazing experience and one I shall never forget.

I was in the auditorium during praise and worship and I became aware of a “different sound”. Upon noticing it got slightly louder and I could hear it a lot more clearly. Words cannot describe the beauty in this sound. It was the most harmonious and holy sound I have ever heard. It was drifting down from the rafters and I have little doubt it was the sound of angels worshipping with us. I experienced this the following day as well and was overwhelmed with the beauty. A very amazing experience and one I shall never forget.

I experienced the love of God in such depth

The camp was brilliant because God was there almost to the point there was little room for anything else. I don’t recall that I have ever experienced the love of God in such depth. The theme was encapsulated in this song by Matthew West, “My Name Is” that probably most of you know well that really was about ‘what people have said about us that hurts’ – and following that ‘who does God say that I am?’ I suspect that if all the other 300 campers felt as I do, there would easily be a thousand-page book of testimonies about what God did at camp in our lives, confirming that He loves us and is for us, warts and all.

The secret of keeping that ‘camp feeling’ is to keep our focus on God and His Word and what He is saying to us. If the emotions of a camp wear off after two or three days, it’s safe to say that ten days after camp, right back in the reality of home and work, there’s something permanent going on in me and others. That song is still stuck in my heart. And a couple of nights ago Mel, who has cerebral palsy and can barely talk, and who came to the camp, let us know it was the same with her too.

An Awesome Experience !

This is my first time at camp and definitely won’t be the last – hurry up 2015. National camp has been an awesome experience. National camp to me is a ‘piece of heaven’. I don’t feel any shame here, because I am among lots of people in similar situations. The love of Jesus Christ is so evident, and being here is a beautiful expression of His Love.