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What is Family Camp?

Elevate Family Camps are a Christ-centred weekend of family, fun and fellowship for families affected by disabilities.

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With the past few years that we've had, we could probably all relate to this year's theme: Running on Empty. But for families affected by disabilities, things can feel even harder. So we invite you to come to our family camps where you can get rest, connect with others in similar situations and get refuelled as a family.

Thanks to everyone who attended our 2023 family camps! It was such a great time of connecting, sharing and having fun! Our 2024 camp dates will be announced later this year.

Interested in volunteering? Follow this link or the one above to find out more...

We are so excited for this opportunity to provide a weekend of support and encouragement, to uplift each member of your family and strengthen you as a whole.

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We get that disabilities don’t just affect the person with it, but the whole family, that’s why Elevate Family Camps are focused on the entire family unit – not just on the individual with a disability. This means that there will be something for everyone at camp, including great speakers, age-appropriate programmes, crafts, games and activities!

Our family camps are designed to provide families affected by disability an opportunity to relax and reconnect with each other in a supportive, Christ-focused environment, where you, surrounded by awhi (love and support), can relax and be who you are. It is a place where you can meet and connect with other families, encouraging and sharing stories with each other; filling up each other’s kete.

Getting time away with the whole family is important for making memories and strengthening bonds.

However, we understand that getting away together can be challenging for families affected by disability and can often be far from relaxing. So to help you, each family is paired with a family support volunteer: a person there to help your family get the most out of the weekend. They will attend the programmes with your family and support your family to participate in all the camp activities. 

A mother giving her son a piggy-back ride


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“It’s fun. It’s relaxing. It’s great, you make new friends. It’s everything you would want from camp and everybody had a great time, individually and as a family... we’ll be back every year that we can.”

Donna, 2022

“Not a fun camp, an ALTRA-REAL FUN CAMP!”

Camper aged 6, 2022

"A great camp giving an opportunity to meet with other special needs families."

Brown Family, 2019

"It was a revelatory experience... I enjoyed not only getting time with my wife and kids but also being with other Christian parents who understand."

Rob, 2017

Still Have Questions?

We're keen for you to come and are eager to help you decide if our Family Camps are right for you!

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