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2022 Workshop Resources

Di Willis
Ps. Geoff Wiiklund is wearing a white shirt and a red tie. He is presenting a talk.
Brown-ish colour hair nicely combed back. Headshot of Ps. Bruce.

On Saturday afternoon we had the privilege to have 3 well-loved speakers, presenting 3 different workshops. We have created the resources below based on key ideas from their talks for you to download.

To find out more about our speakers and what they will be talking on, go to our Speakers page.

Prayer - Di Willis

Standing on the Word of God - Ps Geoff Wiklund

Fruit of the Spirit - Ps Bruce McDonald

Camp Activities

An older man, supported by a woman, is doing some craft at camp
Three girls painting and decorating some terracotta pots at camp

Another favourite thing at camp is all the camp activities including art and craft. Below you will find some camp-themed activities that you can download and do by yourself or with others between the sessions.

Make sure to post a photo of your creations on our new Elevate National Camp Facebook page!

Camp Activities

Here are some fun camp activities that you can do at home between sessions!

The following activities are from

Camp Crafts

Here are a couple of different fun and easy crafts that you can do between camp sessions!

Watch this video to learn how to make your own paper bricks that you can then make into the wall of Jerusalem.

In this video, you can learn how to make your own mini wall of Jerusalem.

Can you think of another craft that works with this year's theme? Please share your idea and/or creation on our Elevate National Camp Facebook page!

Colouring Pages

Colouring can be a way to intentionally slow down and reflect upon what you have learnt in a session and meditate upon God's word. Rather than pick a few pages for you to choose from, we have listed a couple of websites that have heaps of different designs of Christian colouring pages that you can choose from and download for free!

Jo Ditt Designs - on this site you will find some of our favourite Bible verses written in large fonts with creative borders - in this collection is a fantastic one on the fruit of the Spirit

Kingdom Bloggers have multiple collections of different themed colouring pages based upon various designs and biblical topics, including birds, floral designs and the fruit of the Spirit.

Raise Your Sword has a page full of different simple designs on hope.


A photo of worship leaders leading campers in worship

An important part of camp is our worship time. It's a chance to reset our focus on Jesus in communal praise.

Over the last 39 years, there have been many songs sung at camp. So we've decided to create a playlist so you can enjoy them between sessions over the weekend either with your friends or during your own quiet devotions time. But having this playlist also means that you can listen to your favourite camp songs throughout the year too!

Have we left off your favourite song from camp? Please let us know on Elevate National Camp Facebook page and we'll add it to the playlist!