Lani and Teremoana Va'a

I am officially disabled, but I’m truly enabled because of my lack of limbs. My unique challenges have opened up unique opportunities to reach so many in need."

Nick Vujicic

We are very excited to announce that this year at BOTH our camps we will be having the same speakers: Aukilani (Lani) and Teremoana Va'a!

Aukilani and Teremoana Va'a have been together for 27 years. Over that time they have raised their 3 children, whom are all grown adults now, and they have endured many storms.

The ultimate challenge was when they both received the news of their disabilities and then Teremoana had a spinal cord injury that paralysed her from the neck down. This was hard for their family, but God was still with them. He moulded and shaped them and lead them to Elevate Christian Disability Trust. They have compassion and empathy for those with disabilities and today live their best lives one day at a time.

Still, like a car, there have been many times when they have operated on an empty tank and when that has happened it tipped the family...

Tere and Lani Vaa
Background photo: a man with a prosthetic left leg is running down the road at sunset. Front image is in a circle in the middle: a woman bent over with her hands on her knees looking worn out, with the words "Running on empty" over the top and Elevate's logo at the upper right side of the circle